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MAY 11 READINGS...Psalm 39-41 & 53 & 55 & 58

David reminds us how hard it is to keep both our tongues and our tempers as we see the injustice all around us. And the more we keep quiet about important issues...but we as followers Jesus need to remember that both our actions and our words need to be directed by the Holy Spirit. We can waste many words that are said in anger, instead of being said based on biblical truth. I, like many of you, have had to go back and rewrite a response, or send an apology, because of responding in self-defense or anger, rather than being led by the Spirit. God knows...and God is listening...He is aware of the injustice that is around us all the time. We need to listen to Him and speak when He directs us to speak...and act when He leads us to act. Our primary purpose for both our speech and our actions should be to bring glory to God.

David sets everything in its proper perspective when he declares that it is the fool that says in their heart that there is no God. These people are corrupt and ungodly. Their hearts and minds are so seared by their rejection of God...they cannot know or receive the truth. David then calls the rulers to justice...but then realizes that they don't even know the meaning of the word justice. He calls them what they are "wicked people"...and it is the lifestyle to walk in wickedness, and to lead in wickedness. David calls for God to deal with them with the justice that they never gave to others. Ultimately, we followers of Christ need to remember that the Lord will bring eternal justice, and the wicked will receive what they have earned in their rejection of God and their ungodly dealings toward those they were supposed to serve. We rest in the mighty hands of God...we are not the avengers...for the Lord will avenge for Himself and for us!

Please share your thoughts from today's Psalms. Again, let the sooth your spirit as you realize that you are in the Lord's hands.

TOMORROW'S READINGS...Psalm 61-62 & 64-67

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