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We continue to see the power of the Holy Spirit working through the followers of Jesus…in this chapter, we see it in Peter. Peter and John were together heading to the Temple when they encounter a lame man at the gate leading to the Temple. He was there begging for money from people. Peter gets the man’s attention and says to him that they have no money, but they do have the power of God working through them, so he commands him to stand up and walk. The man is healed by the power of Jesus Christ. What do we have to offer to this world? All we really have to offer is what the Lord has given us. The church needs to be very careful that we don’t give to the world what they already have…we need to give them Jesus. The things of this world are temporary, they are fading away…but the things which come from Jesus are eternal. We as the church are able, through Christ, to give the world what they need most. Hey Church…give them Jesus!

Peter uses this opportunity to speak about the Lord. He tells the people not to marvel at the healing they had just seen, as if it was Peter and John who had healed this man. Peter makes sure that they understood that it was by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ that this lame man now walks. We are not to do what we do in the church to receive glory for what we do…all glory goes to Jesus. For it is only what Jesus does through us that will last for eternity. Peter speaks boldly that these same people who marveled at the power of Christ that they witnessed, were guilty of killing the One who did this. But, with God it still was not too late for them to receive forgiveness for what they had done, and for all their sin. Peter calls them to repentance, he calls them to faith. He tells them if they were to have eternal life that they must trust in Jesus for their salvation. He reminds them of God’s faithfulness through the ages to speak to them, and now through Jesus they could know the cleansing of their iniquities and forgiveness of sin. I pray we hear these words and repent to God, receiving the cleansing that only comes through Jesus. And that we commit to share with this lost world that which comes to us, and through us, by Jesus Christ.

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