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Chapter 20 is filled with questions. The first is from chief priests and the elders who asked Jesus what was the authority that gave Him the permission and power to do what He was doing. Jesus responded with a question about the baptism that John performed, whether it was from God or men. They refused to answer for they knew that however they answered would not look good. So, Jesus told them that if they would not answer His question, He would not answer theirs. The next group that came to question Jesus was the Herodians, a group totally committed to King Herod that despised that Rome was in their country. They asked Jesus whether is was legal, according to the law they observed, to pay taxes to Caesar. Jesus asked them for a Roman coin (this was different from a shekel, used by the Jews to give as offerings). Jesus then asked whose image was on the coin. When they responded that it was Caesar, the Lord told them to give to Caesar that which belongs to him, and to God what belongs to Him. Then the Sadducees came with a question about the Resurrection (which they did not believe in…that’s why they are “sad you see”). They set up a ridiculous scenario about marriage in the afterlife. Jesus shut them down by telling them they were ignorant and that marriage was for this age, not for eternity. It is important to remember that none of these groups or their questions were sincere…and Jesus treated them with the sincerity they deserved.

Then we have Jesus had a question for the Scribes (those who handled the Scripture, and should have known what it teaches). They complimented Jesus for His response to the Sadducees, for they disagreed with them about the Resurrection and eternity. Jesus quickly showed them that they too were ignorant of the things of God. He asked them about how could the Christ be David’s Son if David called Him Lord? Not waiting for an answer Jesus then address the people that were being led by all these groups of religious elites. He tells them to beware of those who love being seen in their religious garb, and being recognized and greeted in the marketplace, those who always take the best seats at every event. Jesus tells the people that these men actually are guilty of devouring widows and their homes…while spouting pious prayers. We have these people today, they get on television and boast of all the great things they are doing for the Lord, and how blessed they are…then they make the poor widows feel guilty if they don’t send their last dollar to these charlatan’s ministries…BEWARE!

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