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MARCH 25 READINGS…Joshua 10:1-12:6

Joshua leads the armies of Israel into the land of promise and begins the campaign to destroy the inhabitants of the land. He will lead them in the southern and northern campaigns...killing both the kings and the inhabitants of the cities. In obedience to the Lord's command he and Israel take the land. By the time these campaigns are over they will have defeated the kings east of the Jordan River...the kings to the south in the region Jerusalem and Hebron...and the kings to the north ties in the region of the Galilee. They will not have defeated the kings and cities of the Gaza or the kings of the region of Lebanon and Syria.

It is clear the hand of the Lord is on the nation of Israel, for He even makes the sun and moon stand still in order for the Israelite army to gain victory. So far Joshua and Israel are being totally obedient to the Lord’s command...and they are seeing victory everywhere they go...just as the Lord promised. It is a great lesson for us. We are called to trust God completely...and to follow His commands. It is in obedience that we prove our trust of God...and God will always keep His promise to His obedient people. We too would experience so many more victories in our daily Christian lives if we would seek the Lord...hear His His Word...and obey His commands. God knows, and He loves His people...oh that we would trust His knowledge and love Him by our obedience in return.

Please share your thoughts and insights on today’s readings.

TOMORROWS READING... Joshua 12:7-15:19

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