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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

MARCH 24 READINGS…Joshua 7:1 & 1 Chronicles 2:7 & Joshua 7:2-9:27.

In today’s readings we learn a lesson from the Israelites…when we should not pray, and when we should pray.

The Israelites were moving from Jericho to Ai. They easily out numbered the people of Ai, and should have taken the city quickly. But there was a problem…a man named Achan had become greedy and kept that which belonged to the Lord from the plunder of Jericho. The Israelites were routed by the men of Ai…this caused Joshua and the leaders to tear their clothing and fall on their face before God. God’s reply was, “why are you acting like this…why are you on you face calling out to me…the camp has sin in it”. Joshua followed the instructions of God and got up and found the guilty man. The man, his belongings, and his family were destroyed for bringing sin into the camp. A lesson for us is that we should not be praying when it is time to get up and do the right thing. Once God has shown us the right thing to do…we need to do it, and not keep asking God what to do.

But following this episode the Israelites under Joshua’s leadership neglected to pray to God when they need to. A group from Gibeon had come to the people of Israel and Joshua in order to deceive them, that they might make a treaty. Joshua should have sought the Lord for wisdom in this encounter, but instead he relied on what his eyes told him…he made an unwise treaty with these people who had deceived him. Most today would have just said they lied to us so we wont keep our treaty…but our integrity and word is not based upon the lack of integrity and truthfulness of others. If Joshua would have sought the Lord, the Lord would have given him understanding and insight as to what the Gibeonites were doing.

Please share you insights from today’s readings. There are times we need to pray and times we need to act…he Holy Spirit gives wisdom to us in knowing the difference.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Joshua 10:1-12:6.

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