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Luke records for us Jesus calling four men to be His disciples. I find it interesting that Jesus chose these ”blue collar” workers as those to establish His church in this world. He didn’t go to the religious schools of learning…He went to these common men who would have to trust in the Holy Spirit to do the great task Jesus had called them to. He does something unheard of in these fisherman’s lives. They had been fishing all night and caught nothing, so Jesus tells them to cast their nets over the other side of the boat. Though they were skeptical, they did it, and they caught so many fish it was about to sink the boat. Jesus then called them to follow Him, and He would make them “fisher’s of men”. The great lesson here for us is that when it comes to finding and “catching” people’s souls…it is Jesus that leads us…He tells us where, when, and how to bring in the nets. Later Jesus calls Matthew, a tax collector, which really upset the pious religious leaders. Clearly, Jesus doesn’t see people the way the world does, nor does He need the worldly or religiously “qualified”…He is looking for those who will answer His call.

Jesus begins to upset the Jewish religious leaders with His actions and words. As I said they were upset that Jesus had made a sinful tax collector one of His disciples. Now they become upset because when Jesus was healing a paralytic man, He told him his sins were forgiven. Immediately they declared that only God could forgive sins. They did not know who was standing in their midst. And because of their religious outrage, they missed the power of God displayed right before them. Luke then tells us that the Pharisees became upset about Jesus’ disciples lack of fasting, and seemingly religious irreverence. Jesus told them that while He was with them they did not need to fast, but the day would come when they would. This apparently went right over their heads. Then Jesus drew the analogy of putting new wine only in new wine skins, for if you put it in old skins they would burst. The old man-made religious system could not hold the things of God.

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