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JUNE 21 READINGS...Amos 1:1-6:14

Amos, like Jonah, was a minor prophet, this is not to diminish the message of their prophesies, but to state that they were not prophets all their lives…they were raised up by the Lord for special purpose to speak a specific message to the Lord’s people. Amos was a shepherd by trade, when the Lord called him to first speak to the nations that surrounded Judah and Israel. Amos condemned the wickedness of Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, Edom, Ammon, and Moab. These had done grievous evil against the Lord. Then Amos speaks judgment against Judah and Israel…he promises that they will not go unpunished for their sin. Then Amos focuses in on primarily Israel…the Lord will destroy all the pagan shines in Bethel. Amos is not P.C. as he dares to call the women living in luxury in Samaria, “fat cows”. Amos calls them to repentance, but they didn’t see any need of repenting, for they had the world by the tail…life had never been so good. Like so many today who think their prosperity is a sign of God’s favor, when in reality it is a sign of God’s pending judgment.

Through Amos the Lord says that he hates the arrogance of Israel. Pride and arrogance are what today’s generation is all about. In their pride they ran toward evil, when they should have run from it. In their arrogance they boasted of wanting to see “the Day of the Lord”…their ignorance would not let them see what they were asking for. Amos tells them that luxury, fame, and popularity are fleeting things...for their judgment will come upon them on the ivory beds. God’s judgment is sure, and it is coming on Israel. It is coming because of their disobedience and wickedness. How long will God’s hand of judgment be stayed on our country, and our world? We have done wickedly…we boast of our riches…we live in our pride and arrogance. Don’t say we are waiting for, “the Day of the Lord”…for that will not be a good day…but a day of judgement.

Share your thoughts from today’s readings. Let me encourage you to keep your eyes on the Lord, to walk in obedience, and to remove any idols from your life.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Amos 7:1-9:15 & 2 Kings 14:28-29 & 2 Kings 15: 8-15:29 &

2 Kings 15: 6-7 & 2 Chronicles 26:22-23 & Isaiah 6:1-13

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