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JUNE 1 READINGS...Proverbs 17:1-19:29

You are now starting your sixth month of reading through the Bible in a chronological manner...I hope you have been blessed and the Scripture is coming together in a way for you like never before. The key verse in today's Proverbs for me is found in chapter 18, verse 10..."The Name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to Him and are safe." I love that verse...thank you Lord!

Today I am going to deal with two themes that run through our readings...first, dealing with a fool; and second, relationships. Solomon was very concerned with the impact of dealing with the foolish, so he gives many proverbs of wisdom for us to apply...for the truth is that there are many foolish people on this earth, in every arena of life. He talks about how it is safer to deal with a momma bear robbed of her cubs than to try and confront a fool in their foolishness. He reminds us of the pain it is to parent a fool...for their foolishness rob their parents of joy, by bringing grief. A fool's eyes wander the earth...meaning they never come to a place of understanding and wisdom. The best thing for a fool to do is to keep silent...that way no one will know how foolish they are. A fool does not desire to understand...they only care about their own inane opinion...facts don't matter to a fool. The mouth of a fool is their ruin...their very words trap them and reveal just how foolish they are to all who hear them. It is apparent that foolishness is the order of the day for so many in our world could be that it has always been that way.

Solomon also gives wisdom concerning relationships. You see relationships are really what life is all about. First our relationship with the Lord...then our relationship with our our relationship with our children and parents...our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ...our friends...and then with the world. Solomon talks about the ability to speak truth into the lives of those with whom we have is good when it is gratefully received. A true friend is always loyal...they are there to help in a time of need. We need to be careful that we do not intentionally offend a friend...but if offense happens, we need to seek forgiveness and restoration quickly. Solomon tells us to stay out of useless arguments with a friend...all they do is cause needless separation. Solomon tells us how wonderful it is to find your spouse...he calls it good, especially if they are the one that the Lord has appointed for us. Finally, he gives warning that there are so-called "friends" that destroy each other...but a true friend sticks closer than a brother. I have friends that are closer than brothers...I hope you do to...for they are all great blessings in my life!

Please share your thoughts from today's reading. Receive the wisdom of God shared through the writings of Solomon...they are given for our benefit, and that we might have a full and blessed life.

TOMORROW'S READINGS...Proverbs 20:1-22:16

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