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JULY 2 READINGS...Proverbs 25:1-29:27

Hezekiah had the Levites gather for him many of the Proverbs of Solomon. In today’s readings there is much expressed in these proverbs about holiness, laziness, foolishness, and even how how good friends sharpen each other. He also speaks of the horrible results of compromise…it’s like polluting a fountain of pure water. I want to pick two areas that are dealt with in these proverbs and write about them…they are the power of the tongue and the influence of either godly or ungodly government.

Solomon’s proverbs are filled with words concerning the use of the tongue. Later on in the Bible James devotes a whole chapter of his Epistle to the power of the tongue, and the damage it can do. Solomon speaks of keeping the secrets of your neighbor, so you won’t be found to be a gossip. He speaks of the harm of lies…that they are like hitting someone with an ax, pounding them with a sword, or shooting them with a sharp arrow. That a gossiping tongue stirs up anger…and rumors may taste sweet, but they sink deep into the heart. Even lying about lying, by saying, “I was only joking”, is like shooting a deadly weapon. Our tongues can be as deadly weapons…our words hurt and destroy others. We must ask the Holy Spirit to take control of our tongues…that what we say is true, edifying, lovingly corrective, and said out of a sense of truly caring for others.

Solomon then speaks in several proverbs of the impact of godly and ungodly leadership in the government. It truly makes a difference for our nation and the world whether or not those in leadership are godly…and have a genuine fear of God. Solomon reminds us that when there is moral rot in a nation, the government topples over…but wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability. He tells us that God actually detests the prayers of someone who lives a life in disobedience to His law. We are told that when the godly are in authority, the people rejoice…but when the wicked gain power, they groan. You see, it makes a difference what kind of leadership we have as a nation…history proves this to be true. We need to pray for our leadership…and even more, when we vote for leaders we need to vote our faith…we want godly people leading us.

Please share your thoughts from today’s readings. Ask the Lord to help you with your tongue…and to give you His wisdom as you select those who will lead our country in the future.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Proverbs 30:1-31:31



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