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JANUARY 8 READINGS…Genesis 25:1-4, 1 Chronicles 1:32-33, Genesis 25:5-6 & 25:12-18, 1 Chronicles 1:28-30 & 34, Genesis 25:19-26 & 25:7-11

Today’s reading dealt much with the genealogies of the sons of Abraham…Isaac, Ishmael, and the sons from Abraham’s wife after the death of Sarah. These account for the major Semite (Shemite) tribes. A note here that the Bible never attempts to record all people who ever lived. The Scriptures emphasis is on the people involved in some way with the promised Messiah who was to come. We also read today of the death and burials of Ishmael and Abraham.

God had made a covenant with Abraham. We have read earlier of how God miraculously brought the son of promise in Isaac. Now the promise continues as the Lord blesses Isaac and Rebekah with the birth of twin boys, Esau and Jacob. Once again God intends to fulfill His plan in a way that is different than the way the world does things. In God’s plan the younger would rule over the elder. It would be Jacob who would be the one to carrying on in the covenant plan of God. There is a great lesson in this…we ought not assume that God has to do things the way the world, or we would do them. As a matter of fact, it is more than likely that God will not do it the way the world or we do things, but He will do it in His own extraordinary way. Just think of the coming…the life…the death…and the resurrection of our Messiah, Jesus!

Though our readings today only covered basically one chapter, please share your insights. I have enjoyed the sharing…so please more of you feel free to share what you received as you have read God’s Word.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Genesis 25:27-28:5



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