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JANUARY 30 READINGS…Job 38:1-40:5.

I don’t usually write devotions on the weekend, but this weekend we are coming to the end of the book of Job…and we must look at God’s response to everything we have read.

Though Job was declared righteous by God there was still much about God he needed to learn. What human can fathom the depths and the heights of who God is? The only way we humans can know God at all, is because of His grace in revealing Himself to us. We humans will always find ourselves coming up short when we think we know everything about God. Truth is if you think you have God all figured out, that you know everything about Him, and that you can somehow control Him…then you actually have a false god of your own imagination.

God reveals Himself to Job in today’s readings. In questioning Job God reveals that He is the Omniscient One…though Job did not know the answers to God’s questions, God knows all things. And Job could not answer where he was when all things came into being…God the Omnipresent One was there, as He is everywhere. Finally, God’s questions to Job revealed just how impotent Job and we humans are next to the Omnipotent God.

We need to learn from Job that though there are things we will never know…there are places we will never be…and there are things we cannot do; that is not true of God. He is the eternal, all knowing, all powerful God who is everywhere…and He is Sovereign over His creation.

Please share your impressions of today’s readings. Aren’t you glad that we serve and worship such a wonderful God?

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Job 40:6-42:17.

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