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JANUARY 21 READINGS…Job 8:1-11:20.

In today’s readings two more of Job’s “friends” add their opinions to Job’s dilemma. First, Bildad pretty much tells Job that he needs to stop talking…to stop sharing his wondering why all these things have come upon him…stop asking God where He is in all this. Bildad seems to think he must defend God against Job’s honest inquiries. Then Zophar joins in and tells Job again to be quiet…his words are empty and useless. Zophar’s piety requires him to tell Job that he cannot understand God, no one can…then Zophar begins to explain the God that nobody can understand. Zophar is impressed with his own understanding of theology. Both of these “friends”, like Eliphaz, remind Job that he must have sinned or God would not be punishing him.

Job continues to call out to God. He doesn’t understand, and in his misery he is moved to the place of genuine despair. Have you ever been there? Has life ever come crashing down on you to the place of despair? Have you ever called out to God and asked Him if He is there? Have you ever wonder why God would allow you to go through such hard things? If we are honest, I believe we would all have to confess that we have been there, to one degree or another. I want to remind you that we have a BIG God! He is big enough to handle our honest inquiries. He doesn’t answer to us, that is for sure…but He is open to our questions, and He is merciful in His answers. As we go through life we are promised the presence of the Lord…that presence means that not only is He there, but He is active in His presence. Call out to Him…share your heart with Him…then rest in His loving, caring, and merciful presence.

Please share any insights you received in today’s reading. As always, be blessed as you spend time in the Word of God.

TOMORROW’S READING…Job 12:1-14:22.



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