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In our readings today, we see the Jewish political powers begin to take notice of Jesus. John the Baptist had offended Herodias because John had called Herod out for his adulterous relationship with his brother’s wife. Herodias’ daughter had done a provocative dance for Herod on his birthday…Herod was so pleased that he told her that he would give her anything she wanted. Her vengeful mother convinced her to ask Herod for the head of John the Baptist. Herod had John killed, and the head of John was brought to the adulterous, vicious, Herodias. When Herod heard about the things that Jesus was doing he became concerned that Jesus was somehow John who had risen from the dead. Guilt is a powerful thing. It leads to all kinds of crazy thoughts and actions. Herod thinking John had come back from the dead…Herodias induces murder because she is called out for adultery. The Lord came to remove our guilt so that we can be led by the Holy Spirit to do and think the things of God.

The rest of our reading in chapter 14 demonstrates the power of Jesus to do miraculous things. Jesus had heard of John’s murder, and He wanted to get off by Himself…surely to grieve for His cousin. But the people found Him, and He was moved with compassion to minister to them. What a wonderful Savior we have, He always thought more of others and their needs than His own…that is why He came. The night came and there were 5000 people without food. The disciples wanted to send them away, but Jesus simply asked what food was available. The response was five loaves of bread and two fishes. With this Jesus feed the 5000 with 12 baskets full left over. After this Jesus had His disciples get into a boat while He said goodbye to the people. In the middle of the night Jesus came to His disciples out on the Sea of Galilee, walking on the water. They of course were afraid thinking it was a ghost. Jesus calmed them by reassuring them that it was He. Peter wanted to join Jesus walking on the water, and Jesus gives him permission. Peter gets out of the boat and walks on the water, but when the waves kick up he takes his eyes off of Jesus and begins to sink. All he could say is, “Lord save me!” Jesus is our miracle working Lord…never doubt that. Even when life’s waves begin to crash around us, we must keep our eyes on Jesus. He will not let us sink!

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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