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JANUARY 15 READINGS…Genesis 40:1-23, Genesis 35:28-29, Genesis 41:1-57,

In today’s readings the Lord gives other’s dreams, and He gives Joseph the ability to properly and correctly interpret the dreams. This is all part of God’s plan to fulfill what He told Abraham about his descendants being in Egypt, in captivity, for four hundred years. The way the Lord brings this about is to bring Joseph to power…first by interpreting the dreams of his fellow prisoners, and then by interpreting Pharaoh’s dream. Joseph goes from a slave…to a prisoner…to the second highest position in all Egypt, only God can do something like that! Remember Joseph had to go through a lot to get him to where God could use him to change the world. You may be going through a lot…remember God is still at work in you, and He intends to change the world through you.

Everyone see different things in the readings. The one thing that stuck out to me was that not only did God raise Joseph up, but He used Joseph to raise Pharaoh up in worldwide power and great wealth. The famine made Pharaoh richer and more powerful than all others…this happened because God chose to reveal His plan to Pharaoh and use Joseph to do it. Another aspect of this is the movement to centralized power. Those who were formerly farmers were now brought into the cities, for they had to sell their land to buy food from Pharaoh…this centralization gave Pharaoh great power over the people…for it made them totally dependent on him. You can see this centralization in our own country, and how people have become totally dependent for everything. We have people who were brought up on farms, who grew up pretty much independent from the need for anything from the government…that has changed. Like Joseph, no matter where we reside physically, or the situation we find ourselves in…we need to trust in the Lord.

Please share what you gleaned out of today’s readings. I love to read your insights. May the Lord continue to bless each of you as you read His Word.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Genesis 42:1-45:15.

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