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Mathew 25 continues with Jesus’ response to His disciples. He is speaking in this chapter about the kingdom that is to come, that begins at His return. Jesus gives two parables that should give each of us pause to make sure we are ready for the Lord’s return. The first is about ten virgins who are waiting for the return of their bridegroom. They did not know when he would return, so they needed to make sure they had enough oil to keep their lamps burning until his return. The foolish ones had their lamps, but had no oil to fill them. The wise one had their lamps, and also took extra oil to keep them filled. When the bridegroom returned the foolish virgins had no oil, while the wise ones did. The foolish ones left to buy oil, but when they returned the bridegroom had already entered the home, and closed the door. Are you ready? Don’t come up short. The second parable is about a man traveling and leaving his servants to take care of his business. While he was gone he gave one five talents, another two, and the last one. When the man returned the one with five talents used them wisely and gave double to the man. The one with two talents used his wisely, and doubled his talents for the man. But, the servant who had been given one talent, buried it for safe keeping, and only had that one talent to give to the man. This made the man angry, and he gave the one talent to the one with ten. What has the Lord given you? How are you using what the Lord has given you? It does not matter what He has given someone else…you are responsible for you.

Jesus closes this chapter by declaring that when He comes again He will gather all before Himself and He will separate them as a shepherd does his sheep and goats. For those He judges as acceptable…those who have trusted in Him…they will enter heaven and eternal life. For they had faithfully trusted in the Lord, and had ministered in His Name. To those who were not acceptable…those who did not trust in Jesus, and minister to others in His Name…these will be cast into everlasting fire. Do you trust in Jesus? Do you love and minister to others in His Name? Are you a sheep, or are you a goat?

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