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FEBRUARY 3 READINGS…Exodus 7:14-9:35.

How hard can a person’s heart become toward the Lord? Why are there those who seemingly have no fear of God in their heart? How does humanity continue to shake its fist in the face of God, and resist His mighty hand? Psalm 14:1 tells us that only fools say in their heart, “There is no God”. The psalmist goes on to say these people are corrupt, and all their actions are evil; not one of them does good. The Lord gave Pharaoh every opportunity to repent and release the Israelites…yet Pharaoh continued to have a hard heart against the Lord, and refused to let God’s people go. It did not bother Pharaoh to lie to God, for he was the son of his father, the devil. Like so many evil, foolish people today that refuse to recognize God’s existence…therefore they are unwilling to humble themselves before God, rather they curse a God they don’t believe in and stand against Him in all their wickedness. Hard hearted people, like Pharaoh, bringing destruction on themselves and others.

In our reading today we had the Lord bringing the first seven plagues on Egypt. These were not just random plagues that God brought against Egypt. Each one was a specific attack on the false gods of Egypt. God was showing in each plague that He was greater than the gods of Egypt. God was glorifying Himself (making Himself known to Pharaoh), that He alone is God. Pharaoh had all the evidence he needed to realize that YAHWEH was God…but he refused to respond to that which was right before his eyes. We live in a time just like this…God has shown Himself in mighty ways, yet most people have hard hearts toward God. And even in times of great difficulty people don’t turn to God…for a little while it seems they are responsive, but before long they return to their wicked lives. Foolish people trusting in themselves, this world, and the wicked prince of this world…rather than trusting in the One True & Living God.

Please share your insights from today’s readings. I encourage you to keep your eyes on the Lord. Just like in the days of Moses, God has a plan for His people. Don’t let the “Egyptians” enslave your mind and soul…walk in the freedom of Christ!

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Exodus 10:1-12:51.



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