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FEBRUARY 26 READINGS…Leviticus 27:1-34 & Numbers 1:1-54

In today’s reading we finish the book of Leviticus…I hope you have learned how important it was for God to instruct His priest and people concerning the proper way and time to come before Him. This book teaches us that it is God who is in charge of His people. He determines both gifts and sacrifices…He determines both the place and method of worship…He decides who can and who cannot come before Him, and when…He determines clean and unclean…and He declares what is and isn’t sin, and how that sin is paid for. The book of Leviticus closes with instructions for the people to buy back anything they have dedicated to the Lord. If they wanted it back, they would have to pay the original value plus twenty percent. If they did not want to buy it back it remained the Lord’s, and remained in the possession of the priests.

The book of Numbers opens with a listing of the tribal leaders and the number of men eligible to serve in the military…all except for the men of the tribe of Levi. The tribe of Levi was to take care of tabernacle, and serve as priests for the Lord to the people of Israel. The men who were able to go to war from the twelve tribes was 603,550. This amount should put to rest those who say only about 200,000 came out of slavery in Egypt…the number would have been closer to two million. The Lord would have His people both camp and move forward as tribes…with the tribe of Levi taking care of the tabernacle when they moved and when they camped. Everything Israel was to do, was to be done in obedience to the Lord.

Please share your thoughts of today’s readings. Continue to read and grow in the way and truth of the Lord.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Numbers 2:1-3:51

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