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Today we move into the Gospel according to Mark. Matthew’s emphasis in his writing was to present Jesus a King…with His royal heritage and fulfillment of the prophecy that the Messiah would be a descendant of King David. Matthew pointed us to the complete fulfillment of who Jesus is, moving us to the 2nd Advent of Christ. Mark’s emphasis is to present Jesus as “the Servant” …it focuses on Jesus fulfilling this purpose in His 1st Advent. You can break Mark down like this…The Servant Presented (1:1-2:12) …The Servant Opposed (2:13-10:52) …The Servant Rejected (11:1-15:47) …The Servant Resurrected (16:1-20).

Mark begins his Gospel with the presentation of John the baptizer. You will notice Mark gives no genealogy…for no one keeps a genealogy of a servant. Mark quotes both Malachi and Isaiah in speaking of who the prophets said John would be…a messenger…one who would prepare the way for Messiah…a voice declaring the need to prepare, for the Lord is coming. We need to be that voice in our world today…people need to get prepared, for the Lord is coming. John’s message was twofold…a call to repent…and a declaration of the glory of the Messiah. Mark records Jesus’ baptism, but notice again he does not record the grand introduction given in Matthew…you don’t introduce a servant the way you do a king. Jesus is tempted…though Mark does not record the temptations, for who takes note of what a servant goes through. John is put in prison and Jesus begins his work as “The Servant” …He preaches the message of repentance and belief in the Gospel. Jesus calls His disciples…notice His call is to hard work and service…” fishers of men”.

As Jesus begins His ministry in the Galilee, it is a ministry of service to others. While He taught, He served others first by casting out demons, and setting them free. This Servant is taking care of the needs of others, as all good servants do. Peter’s mother-in-law was sick with a fever. Jesus served her by the hand, healing her, and lifting her up out of her sick bed. Jesus continued to serve the people by healing many of them of their infirmities…but He reminded His disciples that His primary service was to share the message of the Kingdom. Finally, Jesus show the ultimate “servant’s attitude” by healing a leper…the unclean, the rejected, the ones with a sickness so vile no one would touch them. These lepers had no one to minister to them…until Jesus, the Servant of God who came to serve all humanity. If Jesus, the Lord of the universe, was willing to serve others…even the lowest of the low, and the outcasts…so should we!

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.




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