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DECEMBER 30, 2021 READINGS... Revelation 15:1-18:24

Today is my last writing on this series of through the Bible Chronologically…Monday I will start writings for Through the New Testament in 52 Weeks. Tomorrow you will finish your journey through the Bible as you will read of the return of Jesus to set up His Kingdom here on earth…you will read of the Great White Throne of Judgment, where all those who reject Christ will have their day of judgment…and you will read of the eternal state that we believers will dwell in with our Lord forever. I know you have been blessed as you have read through the Bible. My hope in doing the chronological readings was for you to see the continuity of the message of the Scripture.

In today’s reading we read about the final series of seven judgments to be poured out on the earth in the second half of the tribulation period…these are called the “bowl judgments”. This completes the judgments of God, which started the breaking of the seven seals, and continued with the trumpet judgments. All efforts of man to live without God have come to nothing, and are about to fall. The last days global movement will involve three primary areas to accumulate power for the Antichrist and his system…political, economic, and religious. This mimics the power of ancient Babylon…therefore, John uses that terminology to describe that which is to come under Antichrist.

Chapter 17 speaks of the terrible fall of the religious leg of the end times power structure. John describes this church as a harlot. This church is guilty of the slaughter of the true saints of God. This church commits fornication with the kings of the earth…it is not a true church, but one who sells herself to the political and economic power structure. Chapter 18 gives us the information of the fall of the economic leg of the end times power structure. They had trusted in their riches and now they are all gone. The earth weeps at the collapse, and her kings mourn as they watch her burn. Heaven on the other hand rejoices over the fall of this endeavor to create as world absent of God. But the worst for this godless society is not over as you will read tomorrow, as Jesus returns, judges them, and the lake of fire will be their eternal reward.

Please share your thoughts from today’s readings.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Revelation 19:1-22

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