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I do know that there are many interpretations of the book of Revelation, and differing views particularly on the identity of the two beasts represented in chapter 13. I will share mine. There are three personages we are told about in this chapter…the dragon (Satan), and the two beasts.

The first beast comes out of the sea…that is the Gentile nations. I believe this beast is the Antichrist and the antichrist system of the last days. In the same way that in the book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar was Babylon, and Babylon was Nebuchadnezzar. There will be a literal Antichrist, and a literal end time antichrist system. It will be global in nature, the seven heads representing the regional leaders of the system. The crowns speak of their authority, and everything about them, and him, is blasphemous. Verse 2 correlates this system with the world power spoken of in Daniel 7…all these previous kingdoms will be found in the final world system. I believe the Antichrist will receive a fatal wound, either in his person, or in he system itself…but will miraculously healed, causing the whole world to marvel. The Antichrist points to the dragon for this miraculous work, and the whole world begins to worship Satan. Antichrist is a boasting, blasphemous man, who is allowed to make war with the saints of God. This makes the world happy, so that they begin to worship the Antichrist also.

The second beast comes out of the earth. I believe this represents Israel in God’s prophetic revelation. This beast I identify as the false prophet of the last days. He has power in the presence of the Antichrist…he, like the Antichrist, receives power from Satan. He makes all the world worship the Antichrist. I am hoping you see the “unholy trinity” in this chapter…the dragon (Satan) imitating God the Father, the first beast (Antichrist) imitating the Son, and the second beast (the false prophet) imitating the Holy Spirit. Satan has nothing original, he mimics God, for he has always wanted to be God. This false prophet makes fire come down from heaven, like the Old Testament prophets. He sets up an image of the Antichrist, which he seemingly makes come alive, and by constraint makes everyone bow down and worship the image…causing people to go into idolatry. He then requires everyone to take a mark upon their head or forehand. This will be the only way people will be able to buy, sell, or trade anything. This will also identify those who are not followers of Antichrist…these will be put to death. This mark will be a selling of one’s soul to the devil…the mark will exalt mankind’s declaration that they don’t need God. Soon, sadly, they will find out how wrong they are.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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