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AUGUST 25 READINGS...Ezekiel 26:28:26 & 2 Kings 25:3-7 & Jeremiah 52:6-11 & 39:2-10

Ezekiel continues his prophetic message from captivity in Babylon. His message of God’s judgment if for Tyre, the great sea coast city, and it’s king. The fall of Tyre sounds hauntingly familiar to what John’s prophesies for end-time Babylon in Revelation 18. The whole known world, and economic system, was impacted by the fall of Tyre…just as the whole world, and its economic system, will be impacted by the fall of end-times Babylon. Ezekiel then speaks to the King of Tyre. He tells him of his personal judgment that is coming. That the judgment is a result of his pride. He claimed to be a god, when he was merely a mortal man. He boasted of a wisdom that he did not possess. Therefore, the Lord said that he would die like an outcast…that in his downfall he would be shown not to be a god, but a pitiful man. Ezekiel offers a funeral song for the king, but it is clear that he is referencing someone greater than the king, who also had a great fall. This being was in Eden, he was adorned with the finest stones, he was and anointed angel on the mountain of God, he was blameless from his creation until his rebellion, pride was his downfall. Clearly, Ezekiel is using the opportunity of the fall of the King of Tyre to speak of the fall of Satan. Satan who started off perfect and beautiful, but ended up reduced to ashes.

The second part of our reading brings to a sad end the nation of Judah, and its capital city, Jerusalem. This is the third and final siege of Nebuchadnezzar on Jerusalem. They breached the wall and King Zedekiah, his family, and his nobles try to escape from Babylon. They are captured, and in fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy the king is brought before Nebuchadnezzar. He is judged by Nebuchadnezzar…his children and nobles are brought and slaughter before Zedekiah’s eyes, then his eyes are gouged out, he is put in chains and taken to Babylon, where he would die in captivity. The last thing this prideful, evil king would see was the slaughter of all his sons. The Babylonians then put the city of Jerusalem to the flame, they also destroyed the Temple. Proving that Ezekiel spoke the word of God, and all the false prophets were speaking from their own corrupt minds. Wake up church…we have been warned by the Word of God…judgment is coming, and it is sure. Let’s not be like Judah and refuse to acknowledge our sinfulness and rebellion…let’s not wrongly assume that judgment could never happen…let’s turn back to God, listen to His word, and see His salvation.

Please share your thoughts on today’s readings. Stop listening to those who falsely say that everything is okay…it’s not! We are headed for deserved judgment. It’s coming…it’s sure!

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Jeremiah 39:11-40:6 & 2 Kings 25:8-21 & Jeremiah 52:12-27 &

2 Chronicles 36:15-21 & Lamentations 1:1-22



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