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In Matthew Jesus is presented as the King, the Messiah. In Mark Jesus is presented as the Servant. In Luke Jesus is presented as Savior. Finally, in John Jesus is presented as God. All four Gospels give us a full and complete picture of Jesus. They, together, show us that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophets.

John begins his gospel with a declarative statement that Jesus, who is the Word, is God. He is the Creator. And it is only through Him that those who receive Him know salvation. Jesus is the eternal God who became flesh and dwelt among humanity. He did this revealing His glory, that glory that only belongs to God…He is the fullness of eternal grace and truth. John the Baptizer preceded Jesus with a message of repentance that would prepare the way for Jesus’ ministry and work. John, when questioned by the religious leaders, used Isaiah’s prophetic message to identify himself as that “voice crying in the wilderness”. John begins to pinpoint his message to these men when he tells them that his baptism is with water but, “there is one among you, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to lose…Him you do not know”. The next day John gives witness to the specific identity of Jesus at His baptism.

John moves right into the ministry of Jesus as he records for us Jesus calling His disciples.

You will notice that John does not deal with the nativity or the early years of Jesus…He begins with Jesus being approximately 30 years old at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. John the Baptist identifies Jesus to Andrew and Peter, and these two brothers followed Jesus from that day forward. The next day Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael. Jesus convinces Nathanael to follow Him by telling him that Philip had found him under a fig tree and initially told him about Jesus. Jesus tells Nathanael will in the time to come see into heaven, and the angels revealing the Son of Man, the Son of God, God in the flesh.

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