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APRIL 5 READINGS…Judges 16:1-18:31

There was no writing yesterday, as it was Easter, but you had your readings, and read of the beginning of Samson being judge of Israel.

Today's readings continue with the story of Samson. What becomes clear is that Samson was not a very godly judge, nor did he do much for the nation of Israel, but mostly for Samson. The other thing that becomes clear is that Samson was not very bright. His desire for Delilah outweighed any hope of him acting with any common sense. Three times she got information from him that she thought would cause his doom, and result in her receiving money from the Philistines...and three times he foiled her. Yet he didn't seem to be too upset that these Philistines would try to kill him after she had done what he told her would remove his strength. Finally, he told her the truth, and she had his hair removed, he lost his strength and was overcome by the Philistines. Samson not only lost his hair and strength...but he lost his eyes, his freedom, and eventually he lost his life. Samson is the perfect example of how dangerous sin and deceit are, and why we should not play with it. Sin always brings destruction, and though Samson is often lauded as a great judge of Israel, there is actually little in the story of his life to be admired, followed, or desired.

Our reading also spoke of a man named Micah who stole his mother's money...when he gave it back to her, she made a silver idol for her son. (Certainly strange times). Micah set up his idol as a shrine, and enticed a Levite to become his personal priests. There was much corruption in the land and a group from the tribe of Dan, who visited Micah's house enticed the priest to steal the idol and come serve them as they were going to destroy a peaceful city to set it up as their own. They did just this and established a city, named it Dan. Right from the very beginning they worshiped that false gods and idols...being led by this Levite. Mankind left to their own devises will always replace God with an idol of their own. They falsely believed this inanimate idol could be their god, and provide for them both blessings and power. The tribe of Dan was never the same after this...from then on they were identified not as follower's of God...but worshiper's of idols.

Please share your thoughts on today's or yesterday's readings.

TOMORROW'S BIBLE READING... Judges 19:1-21:25

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